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Key Points about the New Rank and Point Scale

  • Phase One, effective November 1, 2013, was a normalization of the percentage difference between every step in the scale. This was implemented in December 2013 on most campuses.
  • Phase Two is the migration to the new point scale at your next merit review.  You will first move to the next higher point on the new scale, then move the number of points awarded. All librarians should be on the point scale by July 1, 2016.
  • Each point is conceived of as equivalent to one year’s worth of a normal merit increase. So if your review period is two years, a normal, successful merit review would yield a minimum two-point increase, and a three-year review period would yield a minimum three-point increase.
  • Nothing in the MOU limits the number of points a librarian can receive in a given review.
  • Numbered steps within a rank (Associate Librarian IV, for example) no longer exist.
  • Promotional reviews from Assistant to Associate Librarian and from Associate to Full Librarian will still require a full career review.
  • Promotion is possible during the review following the one at which your salary overlapped with a salary point in the next higher rank. 
  • The barrier step at Librarian Step V has been removed.  Full career reviews will no longer be required at any point within the Librarian rank.
  • During the life of this contract, Librarians cannot initiate off-cycle (early) reviews, but your review initiator can. So, if you’d like to come up early, discuss it with your RI.