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Post PERB Complaint...Demonstration Teachers Demand Negotiations on All Mandatory Subjects


Letter to the UCLA Lab School Principal and UCLA Superintendent of PreK-12 Operations


October 4, 2022


Dear Principal Lazo and Superintendent Dillon,


PERB issued a Complaint with four charges on September 30th alleging that UC Management and your team have violated labor law with respect to our negotiations. Thus, we are writing to ask you to put the interests of UCLA Lab School first and immediately begin negotiating with us on a full range of topics.


Demonstration Teachers are eager to complete negotiations and refocus our energies entirely on excellent instruction and support for lab school students. PERB’s complaint provides a clear pivot point and opportunity for UC Management to move forward and come to the bargaining table in good faith.


At our next bargaining session, we are anticipating that you will begin passing serious counterproposals to the 20 well-developed, thoughtful proposals we submitted to you during bargaining sessions in early August.


We expect to negotiate a fair contract that will address many of our concerns about teaching and learning conditions. A robust contract will allow all of us to move forward collaboratively in the interests of our whole school community.


Please confirm and communicate to our members and our entire community by Friday, October 7th that you are committed to passing earnest counterproposals on the full range of mandatory subjects. This commitment would reflect your care and respect for the UCLA Lab School learning community and Demonstration Teachers, as well as acknowledge the important role our Memorandum of Understanding (union contract) plays in supporting excellence and innovation at UCLA Lab School.




The UCLA Lab School Demonstration Teacher Executive Committee and Bargaining Team