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Preuss Faculty Bargaining Update #1 July 19 2019


UC-AFT Preuss Faculty Bargaining Update

July 19th, 2019

Session #1

We came prepared and ready to fight for our members!


On Friday, July 19th our Preuss bargaining team began negotiations with the UC and Preuss administration. In preparation for bargaining, our team conducted bargaining surveys and held membership meetings. We also filed an information request in May for Preuss financial documents. As of the start of bargaining, we had yet to receive that information. In the days before bargaining, our team organized and prepared proposals for our next contract.

The morning session began with a discussion of why we believe our counselors must be members of our bargaining unit. We shared examples of how their work is inextricably linked to the work we do in the classroom: teaching and supporting our students. Discussion then turned to membership and whether or not daily substitute teachers are UC-AFT members and trying to educate the UC on the differences between classroom teachers, long-term subs and daily substitutes.

We spent some time asking questions about a timeline for when we will receive the financial information we requested. We also pressed for more information about how the new Executive Director position might impact our unit members.

Great Support from Preuss Faculty


Preuss_fist.JPGDuring the lunch break we were joined by our colleagues who turned out in support, some with their families!


The afternoon session was spent getting some answers to questions we had discussed during the morning. In addition procedural questions were posed surrounding the Extended Day Pay process. UC’s initial proposal stated that they wish to clear/clean up evaluation, merit and leave articles.

Things became contentious when UC asked about Lisa’s standing to serve as a table team representative now that she is a member of the retiree chapter. We pushed back strongly by stating that we have the right to determine who represents our members at the table.

Future Bargaining Dates Set!


We set 5 more bargaining dates for the coming months with hopes of wrapping up negotiations by November 1st! Please mark your calendars and get your t-shirts and buttons ready: 09/06, 09/20, 10/04, 10/30, 11/01!