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UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Blog

Preuss Faculty Bargaining Updates

Preuss Faculty Bargaining--New Memorandum Ratified

On July 27, 2020, our Preuss bargaining team reached a tentative agreement with University and Preuss management.  
In a unanimous vote, our members ratified the agreement a few days later.  

Preuss School Memorandum 2020-24

Preuss School Memorandum Appendix A 2020-24

Preuss Bargaining Update June 4 2020

Negotiations on My 28 had over twenty member observers!  UC-AFT passed our full proposal focusing on coming to agreement around three articles all having to do with academic professionalism and the professional workday.

Ways You Can Support Preuss Teachers

Check here for information on how you can support Preuss teachers on March 11 and beyond.  

Preuss Bargaining Update November 2019


Since the last update (Sept. 6th) we have had the following bargaining dates on the books:

Preuss Faculty Bargaining Update #2 September 6, 2019

preuss bw.jpgInitial Proposals Passed

Both parties exchanged initial proposals in full (with the exception of a few items that will be forthcoming - such as salary scale from our side). Each bargaining team took some time to review the other’s proposal. 

Ours was comprehensive (approx. 25 pgs) and aimed at codifying many of the things we want/need to protect with new administration coming in, cleaning up problems that were revealed since the current contract went into place (issues with EDP, movement on the salary scale with new credits earned, etc), and ensuring our contract provides working conditions that are as good as the learning conditions that we offer at Preuss. 

Preuss Faculty Bargaining Update #1 July 19 2019

We came prepared and ready to fight for our members!r2wOLdVdYzrcMlrmLZDcBtDdo0t4IlIOUqz68exWAOYHQ1tQ1bdQgH7iH3O9arMfe8E15UJnuYxD6vC3b4l2V6kEecmzwTnj6RRCttooU8uN5Vxqp02LoYNOYi5Fk4iNfV6BxASX

On Friday, July 19th our Preuss bargaining team began negotiations with the UC and Preuss administration.