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UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Blog

Geffen Faculty Bargaining Updates

Geffen Faculty Bargaining Update #2 July 29, 2019

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July 29th, 2019

Your GA bargaining team (Lisa, Sean, and Christian, with support from UC-AFT President Mia McIver) met with UC admin* on July 29th for our second bargaining session. We were hoping for a positive response to the proposals we had presented on July 16th concerning retirement benefits credit, the GA calendar, timelines for appointments and reappointments, workload policies, and paid personal leave. We wanted to reach agreement on these highest priorities before the academic year began, then continue negotiating over other issues.

Geffen Faculty Bargaining Update #1 July 15 2019

Day One: Five Proposals From UC-AFT Geffen Facultye8-_y-Q8eFqF3PenmVpH-F4cq_AbDVl7WBaBOoZZ_TvBsFbyPPzDDjzWRAaqmNMrIsi6Ka0hrp7zme2BzmR1HAitvoCi4VA4H-iVreFpiUqmQ_gOzgL6OmzNQTUZJi1StBANn3Iv

Your bargaining committee, along with UC-AFT President and UCLA Lecturer, Mia McIver, and UC-AFT Field Rep, Holly Craig-Wehrle, met today with Sibyll, Nancy, Carol Goldberg (chair of GA advisory committee) and three people from UCLA labor relations.