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Preuss Faculty Bargaining Update #2 September 6, 2019



Both parties exchanged initial proposals in full (with the exception of a few items that will be forthcoming - such as salary scale from our side). Each bargaining team took some time to review the other’s proposal. 

Ours was comprehensive (approx. 25 pgs) and aimed at codifying many of the things we want/need to protect with new administration coming in, cleaning up problems that were revealed since the current contract went into place (issues with EDP, movement on the salary scale with new credits earned, etc), and ensuring our contract provides working conditions that are as good as the learning conditions that we offer at Preuss. 

Theirs was approx. 11 pages and aimed at recrafting some language to fit their preferences, reducing unit members’ autonomy over their work day, and asserting more control over the terms of appointment(s).


The initial proposal that UC passed was better than anticipated. They did not take many things out of the current contract and they are not able to retroactively bargain - which means that they cannot later propose cuts from what they initially put on the table. Overall, the bargaining team considers us to be at a decent starting point.


The UC’s initial proposal included the following concerning elements:

No adjustments to the salary scale.

 This means that our current scale would remain in place for the last 1.5 years plus the number of years this contract is set to last. This means no adjustments for cost of living/inflation for multiple years (estimated at 4.5-6.5 years in total on this scale). Thus, the value of our salary would be decreasing over time because our pay would not be keeping pace with inflation. 

Inclusion of a clause that states unit members “Must remain on the worksite for the full day” - with the full day defined as 4 blocks.

This means that unit members would no longer be able to run quick errands, go to the doctor, leave early/arrive late for child care/transportation needs (for those who have first or last-of-the-day prep blocks), or even go for a walk off of the Preuss campus during lunch without permission. This eliminates important flexibility for our unit members who often work long hours at night/on weekends and may need the option, at times, to get other things done during the day (or to walk off some work related stress on our lunch breaks). This is particularly concerning in light of the fact that our administration is changing and may not be willing to fairly and equitably approve such requests.

Definition of a “full time” person being someone who teaches 3 out of 4 blocks each day. 

We are going to ask clarifying questions to determine if:

This limits the necessary option to allow for extra preps to be assigned to key positions that take on additional workloads such as Staff Developer, STEM Coordinator, Athletic Director, etc… 

Proposed language would reduce a unit member to part time at 67% if they if they teach two blocks (even if they’re given an extra prep to do the necessary work for special assignments). 

Changing of a key term in the language related to unit members who are in year 6 of their employment and have earned a “Meets Standards” on their evaluation -- from “Shall receive a 2-year rolling contract” to “May receive a 2-year rolling contract.” Thus, eliminating their obligation to re-appoint those who have earned 2-year contracts. This undermines the job security that we were able to achieve in our current contract. 

Next Steps: 

The next bargaining date is Sept. 20th - all day! 

Please check your personal email frequently for critical information and instructions about how you can support us! It really does keep us going during these intense bargaining days as we fight, on your behalf, for the best teaching contract in San Diego!