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Preuss School First Contract Ratified


Teachers, Counselors and Librarians at the Preuss School at UCSD have ratified their first contract as members of UC-AFT!  The new contract includes significant salary increases for most members of the bargaining unit, a new step based salary scale, a longevity stipend for people at the top of the scale, security of employment after five years, class size caps at 35 and a new grievance and arbitration procedure. The number of instructional days, school day hours and professional development hours are unchanged. 

The Preuss teachers joined our Non-Senate Faculty bargaining unit (Unit 18) early in 2017 when nearly 100% of the credentialed staff signed cards authorizing the formation of a union.  The Preuss faculty have been exceptionally well organized throughout the card check process and negotiations.  We are honored to have these K-12 teachers join UC-AFT and we're very excited about this great first contract.

Preuss Side Letter
Preuss Salary Scale
Preuss Extended Day Pay

Side letters for Preuss and the Lab School at UCLA will have a permanent home under the Contracts menu item.