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UC-AFT Insider March 2017


University Council-AFT Insider            

March 8, 2017

In this issue:

·         Resolution in Defense of Science and in Support of April 22 March for Science

·         Statewide Officer Elections April 8 Oakland

·         Lecturer Inclusion Symposium at UC Merced

·         Dissertation Survey: Non- Senate Faculty of Color at Predominantly White Research Institutions

UC-AFT Resolution in Defense of Science and in Support of April 22 March for Science
As the union of non-senate faculty and librarians at the University of California, our membership includes scientists from across the disciplines who conduct original research and contribute to peer reviewed publications, teach science at graduate and undergraduate levels, and manage collections and support faculty research for some of the premier science departments and programs in the world.  So begins the UC-AFT resolution in defense of science and in support of the April 22 March for Science and the April 29 People’s March for Climate Justice. Please visit the UC-AFT website to read and share the full resolution.

Statewide Officer Elections April 8 Oakland
Our annual statewide officer elections will be conducted at the Council meeting on April 8 (link to agenda) in Oakland.  Nominees for all offices and candidate statements are posted to the UC-AFT website.  Statewide officer elections are conducted in accordance with Article V. Section 5 of the UC-AFT constitution.

Lecturer Inclusion Symposium at UCM
On March 3rd, UC Merced hosted a symposium on issues affecting lecturers, focusing on the value of lecturers to undergraduate education and approaches to building lecturer inclusion in program and university governance. As national leaders in faculty inclusion and academic governance, Professor Adam Sweeting Boston University and Professor Dan Jacoby from University of Washington shared the history and process of their campuses efforts to include lecturers in governance and other institutional structures. Both BU and UW grant lecturers voting rights in their equivalent of the faculty senate, and both make exemplary effort to support lecturer program service and research by granting course relief, merit consideration and the opportunity to apply for paid sabbaticals and leaves.  Video of one of the panels, Case studies: reimagining the lecturer, is viewable on Facebook.

Dissertation Survey: Non-Senate Faculty of Color at Predominantly White Research Institutions
A PhD student at Virginia Tech is researching the experiences of non-tenure track faculty members of color at predominantly white institutions of higher education.  The student is seeking participants who will complete a brief survey, and respond to interview questions centered on experiences with racism and other forms of systemic oppression as non-tenure-track faculty of color.  Check this call for participants for eligibility criteria and a link to the preliminary survey.

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