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Link to AFT and member benefits

As a member of UC-AFT, you receive benefits and discounts through the AFT.  

Information is here:


New Contract and Raises for Lecturers

The recent bargaining session between UC-AFT and the UC resulted in significant gains for Lecturers.  One of the most visible is the improved salary for Unit 18 lecturers.  Be sure to check your paystubs to make sure you received 3.2% in your June pay (paid July 1) and another 3% increase effective July 1 (paid August 1).  2.5% increases will be seen in both 2017 and 2018.  


Electronic Membership Form

With the approval of the new UC-AFT electronic membership form, joining is easier than ever.  If you are not currently a member, please use the following link to join today. UC Merced has one of the highest membership rates among ALL of the UC campuses!





Welcome Field Representative, Jon Carlson

Dear Local 6366, 
Please join me in welcoming UC-AFT's new field representative at UCM, Jon Carlson.  Jon was previously a lecturer in Political Science at UCM, so he is very familiar with the campus and administration.  He also served as the UC-AFT grievance steward at UCM, so he has experience supporting colleagues and enforcing the lecturer contract.  Jon's appointment is 50% time and he will be dedicated to Local 6366.  

Unemployment_EDD Information

This mostly applies to unemployment eligibility for the summer for pre-6 (non-Continuing) Lecturers who work during the academic year (Service period of three quarters, or two semesters), but get paid over 12 months because of Article 6 requirements. Continuing lecturers who work, say one semester, might be eligible under regular EDD rules.