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Local 1990 Endorses SB50: The More HOMES Act

SB50 will benefit lecturers and librarians represented by UC-AFT, particularly early career and part-time employees who pay very high rents and/or drive long distances to get to work. 

Senate Bill 50 allows for building housing near existing job centers and public transportation, and includes strong protections against displacement for renters and vulnerable communities in those areas.

Call for Applications Out for Faculty PD Grants!



Local 1990 Response to UgC Chair Taciroglu

Yesterday, UCLA faculty received a message from Professor Ertugrul Taciroglu, Chair of the Undergraduate Council.  The President of our Executive Board of our Local, Karl Lisovsky, responded to him with the following message:

Local 1990 Adopts Resolution against Dakota Access Pipeline

At our membership meeting this week, the vote was unanimous: we adopted a resolution AGAINST the Dakota Access Pipeline and IN FAVOR OF long-term, good-paying jobs in sustainable energy, IN FAVOR OF the rights of our union sisters and brothers to work in safe jobs that are consistent with respect for the environment and frontline communities, and IN FAVOR OF water and land protectors.  #NoDAPL

Proposed Bylaws Amendments and Standing Rule

On October 24, a majority of the Local Executive Board voted to approve amendments to the Local Bylaws and the creation of a Standing Rule regarding department representatives in academic units.  Discussion of the amendments and the standing rule is slated for the Fall Membership Meeting on November 1 from 5-6 pm in Public Policy 5391.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

2016-17 Professional Development Call for Applications

Members of the 2016-17 Professional Development Committee were appointed this month from the Local's nominations.  Thank you to the following members for their service:

Sim-Lin Lau, Continuing Lecturer, Civil & Environmental Engineering (Chair of the Committee)
Sylvia Gentile, Continuing Demonstration Teacher, UCLA Lab School
Laurie Love-Bibbero, Continuing Lecturer, School of Nursing
Tamara Berges, Lecturer, Anderson Graduate School of Management
Sergio Serna, Field Work Consultant, Social Welfare

Update on Professional Development Funds

At stake is not only this year’s funding cycle, but the PDF award process for the future.  It’s becoming more and more apparent that this matter will not be resolved without continued pressure from us. Our petition was the first step, but now we need to up the ante.  We need your help to plan our next step to win our funding once and for all!  We’re considering a phone campaign, a postcard campaign, or an informational demonstration outside Murphy Hall.  Please fill out this doodle to let us know when you’re available to decide on the best way forward:


Report on Parking Permit Increase

On July 31, 2015, representatives from UC-AFT and the UCLA Union Coalition met with UCLA Labor Relations and Lisa Koerbling, Director of Parking Services to discuss the plan to increase parking permit costs for 2016-17.

Welcome, Field Rep Honora St. Clair!

Honora St. Clair joins our UCLA team half-time to continue strengthening our Local with Holly.  Honora is currently also part-time Field Rep for UC Irvine, and has focused her energies at UC Riverside and UC San Diego as well.  She is dedicated, helpful, and smart as a whip! 

UCLA Churns Lecturers by “Capping” Appointments in First Six Years

In the most recent case of churning in the Social Sciences division at UCLA, the Cesar E. Chavez Department of Chicano and Chicana Studies attempted to cap the appointment of a lecturer who has received excellent reviews as an instructor in the program.  Capping appointments prior to the sixth year review is in direct violation of Article 7 Appointments in the Lecturers’ contract.  UC-AFT has filed numerous grievances at UCLA to defend against this practice, which is known as “churning” or “post-six avoidance.”