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UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Blog 2019-20

UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Updates

Pre-Bargaining Meeting with UCOP January 30 at UCI

UC-AFT faculty leaders met with the UC Office of the President on January 30, 2019, at UC Irvine. Our goal was to set the tone for the bargaining to come and, as our current contract requires, share “issues of concern” that we plan to negotiate. More than 30 lecturers packed the room to bear witness to how UC management’s current practices harm education for UC students, and UC-AFT President, Mia McIver delivered a powerful opening statement.

UC-AFT Faculty Contract Campaign Committee and Table Team 2019

Our 2019-20 bargaining campaign is organized around a statewide group called the Contract Campaign Committee. The CCC is composed of five elected members from each campus, one of whom will serve as a Table Team member.  The CCC is responsible for planning and implementing our bargaining campaign statewide and on each campus, and for supporting the Table Team as needed.  The complete CCC is listed within this post.

 Seeking Nominations for UC-AFT Faculty Contract Campaign Committee Members

 Seeking Nominations for Contract Campaign Committee Members

 Dear Colleagues,

Lecturers and other non-tenure-track faculty represented by UC-AFT will begin bargaining our next contract inspring 2019.
Each campus will elect five representatives to the UC-AFT Contract Campaign Committee to lead our bargaining campaign
by setting goals and making plans to accomplish them, making decisions about contract proposals and supporting actions,
and liaising with members on their campuses.