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UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Blog 2019-20

UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Updates

UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Update #8 UCSC October 17-18

The Rocky Bargaining Picture Showucaft190329a.png

When UC management wants to go backward with major takeaways (such as eliminating all rights to reappointment for pre-continuing faculty and making it easier to lay off continuing faculty), bargaining feels like being stuck in a time warp. With camp and flair, UCSC activists showed admin that they can’t just cast us off into another dimension. More than 200 UC-AFT members, undergraduate students, graduate students, and tenure-track faculty allies put on a Rocky Horror-themed rally with the message that we love teaching UC students too much to let their education get lost in time, lost in space and meaning.

UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Update #7 UC Irvine October 8

Victory for Andrew… Every Lecturer Deserves this Benefitucaft190329a.png

Negotiations at UCI began with a warm and heartfelt statement of gratitude from UCI lecturer, Andrew Tonkovich, who had just heard the day before the UC management granted his full paid medical leave for Fall quarter.  We made progress delivering our initial proposals on Continuing Appointment Review Process, Merit Review Process and a new Review Criteria article.  UC managers proposed drastic reduction in the length of notice in the case of layoff.

UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Update #6 UC Berkeley September 16-17

Faculty equity...Who needs it? UC negotiators do not think we do!ucaft190329a.png

Our team came to Berkeley prepared with member testimonials, a research based presentation on the efficacy of student evaluations in measuring teaching effectiveness, with detailed questions about UC's proposals and with proposals of our own.  Read the full update for all the important details from this two-day session. 

UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Update #5 UC Los Angeles July 31

Powerful Member Testimonials: “The Workload is Too Damn High”ucaft190329a.png
The UCLA bargaining session began, once again, with deeply personal and powerful member testimonials on negative impacts to our members, our families and to our careers from excessive workload, disrespectful hiring and reappointment practices, underemployment, and systematic, forced turnover.

UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Update #4 UC San Diego July 19

UCOP ignores need for adequate office space and student confidentialityucaft190329a.png

UC continued to roll out take away proposals, while UC-AFT pressed on with principled and well researched proposals for Parental and Academic Leave.


UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Update #3 UC Berkeley June 19

We Packed the Room: Amazing show of support from faculty, students & librarians!ucaft190329a.png
Nearly 100 members and supporters attended bargaining and our rally in Berkeley.  It became clear in this session that UC-AFT and UC have radically different visions for the future of Pre-Continuing Appointment and Reappointment process and rights.

UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Update #2 UC Riverside June 4

Members Show Management What We’re Fighting for!ucaft190329a.png

UC-AFT Faculty continued bargaining on June 4 at UC Riverside. Session #2 covered Instructional Support, Non-Discrimination in Employment and Professional Concerns, Meetings and Programs. Members from UCLA, Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Riverside all gave great testimony on Instructional Support issues.  

UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Session #1 Davis April 17

First Victory: Keeping bargaining sessions open and transparent!ucaft190329a.png

The UC-AFT bargaining team started the session by winning several concessions from Management regarding the ground rules governing bargaining sessions. Prior to the Bargaining kick-off, UCOP circulated a proposed list of highly restrictive ground rules -- most notably a rule that would have closed bargaining sessions and prevented our members from attending.

Pre-Bargaining Meeting with UCOP January 30 at UCI

UC-AFT faculty leaders met with the UC Office of the President on January 30, 2019, at UC Irvine. Our goal was to set the tone for the bargaining to come and, as our current contract requires, share “issues of concern” that we plan to negotiate. More than 30 lecturers packed the room to bear witness to how UC management’s current practices harm education for UC students, and UC-AFT President, Mia McIver delivered a powerful opening statement.

UC-AFT Faculty Contract Campaign Committee and Table Team 2019

Our 2019-20 bargaining campaign is organized around a statewide group called the Contract Campaign Committee. The CCC is composed of five elected members from each campus, one of whom will serve as a Table Team member.  The CCC is responsible for planning and implementing our bargaining campaign statewide and on each campus, and for supporting the Table Team as needed.  The complete CCC is listed within this post.