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Demonstration Teachers are Ready to Bargain...Where is UCLA?

ucaft190329a.pngDemonstration Teachers at the UCLA Lab School are ready to bargain a new contract. We have formally initiated the negotiations process, we've proposed bargaining dates, and we've sent several follow up requests to get negotiations started. UCLA and the lab school administration have delayed the process by more than two months.  This is our first bargaining update and it includes the full record of scheduling communications between our union and the administration.  

Lab School Demonstration Teachers 2022 Initial Bargaining Demands

ucaft190329a.pngBuild on the Rich History and Quality of UCLA Lab School

We are UCLA Lab School Demonstration Teachers, entrusted with fostering a democratic learning environment and enriching the curious minds of our students. Our school has valued teaching the whole child and the importance of constructivist pedagogy for 140 years. We teachers are committed to fulfilling the three pillars of our school's mission of Teaching and Learning, Research, and Public Engagement, however, morale is at an all time low for Demonstration Teachers.

We have outlined the issues that are most pressing to our faculty and most important to the continued excellence of our Lab School. UCLA Lab School Administration Bargaining Team* must address the following bargaining priorities of our dedicated and expert faculty if we are to sustain and expand the educational innovation for which the Lab School is known.


Executive Board Special Election 2022 Candidate Statements

UC-AFT is conducting a special election to fill the vacant offices on our Council Executive Board. Vice President for Legislation and Vice President for Grievances are currently vacant. The Duties of Officers are described in Article VI of the UC-AFT Constitution. Terms will begin immediately and run through the June 30, 2023.

UC-AFT Teaching Faculty Welcome Letter


Dear new Unit 18 faculty member,

UC-AFT Insider February 2022

UC-AFT Insider

March 1 Pay Increase, Ratification Bonus and 1% Back Pay Awards

Our new Unit 18 Teaching Faculty contract incudes annual salary increases for the life of the contract in addition to 3% merit increases with each pre-continuing reappointment. Continuing appointee merit increase remain on the three year cycle. The Q&A below describes these raises in detail.  On March 1, 2022 the first of these raises will be delivered in paychecks.

Call for Nominations for VP Grievances and VP Legislation

We currently have openings on the UC-AFT Local 1474 Executive Board for Vice President of Grievances and Vice President of Legislation.

Unit 18 MOU February 2016 - January 2020

Unit 18 Non-Senate Faculty Memorandum of Understanding
Effective February 27, 2016 - January 31, 2020

Full Contract PDF