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2021-2026 Teaching Faculty Contract Summary

Our new agreement completely transforms what it means to be a lecturer at the UC. We have created opportunities for professional advancement at every stage of our careers. We achieved our goals of greater consistency, transparency, and enforceability of workload issues. We raised the salary floor and won improved compensation for all lecturers, as well as annual cost-of-living adjustments for each year of the contract. Read on for all the details.

Teaching Faculty Tentative Agreement Q and A

This Q & A is a great place to start to get questions answered about how the new contract will benefit and protect you.  If you don't find what you're looking for here, get in touch with a UC-AFT field rep.

Teaching Faculty Tentative Agreement Contract Langauge

Want to read the actual tentative agreement language before you vote in the contract ratification vote?  Here it is...the whole new contract clearly laid out with idicators for articles that have new language and articles that remained at current contract language (CCL).

Historic Agreement...AFT and CFT coverage

“It’s the best contract in UC-AFT history and among the best nationwide for contingent faculty,” UC-AFT President Mia McIver 
Check out the coverage by our state and national affiliate unions, who were so crucial in helping secure this victory.

Contract Details and Ratification Town Halls

The contract ratification vote will begin at 8am on November 29 and end at 4pm on December 3.

We will hold several contract ratification town halls before the vote closes on December 3.  Dues paying members can vote to secure the major gains in this contract.  If you are not yet a member, join here, so you can help lock in the benefits of this major victory.

UC-AFT Teaching Faculty Reach Historic Agreement

After two and half years of bargaining, we have reached historic tentative agreement with UC management.  This agreement provides significant salary increases, a strengthened workload appeal process and much, much improved job stability for pre-continuing faculty.

5 Ways You Can Support UC-AFT Lecturers

The lecturers of UC-AFT have been fighting for over two years for a fair contract that will provide fair compensation that keeps pace with the high cost of living in California; consistent and enforceable workload standards that include all of the work we do outside of the classroom to mentor and support our students; and basic job stability protections that end arbitrary hiring and firing and ensure instructional continuity, so that our

Unfair Labor Practice Strike Fact Sheet and FAQ

UC-AFT has called a two-day Unfair Labor Practice strike on Wednesday and Thursday November 17-18. 
UC-AFT members will cancel classes and hit the picket lines on every campus.
Read on to find out why we are striking and what your rights are.

Unfair Practice Strike FAQ

newlogo.jpgWhat does it mean to go on strike?

UC Management’s Pattern of Bad Faith

In the last 10 days, UC-AFT has filed two new unfair labor practice charges over the UC management’s refusal to participate in good faith in the statutory impasse procedures and to bargain in good faith over paid family leaves.