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UC-AFT Faculty Bargaining Blog

Lab School Faculty Bargaining Updates

Lab School Bargaining Update #3 August 15

ucaft190329a.pngBargaining Session number three is complete.  Next session is on Wednesday, August 17.  Our team will pass our remaining proposals, including compensation.  The university and Lab School administration will have all afternoon on the 17th to provide counter proposals.  Please read on for important details.

Bargaining Update #2 August 11, 2022

UC-AFT Demonstration Teachers have presented 8 proposals in total to the UCLA Lab School Administrative Bargaining Team. We ucaft190329a.pnghave more proposals ready to present this upcoming week. We have not received a single proposal from the University. Our team and our members eagerly await counter proposals from the University.

Bargaining Update #1 August 10, 2022

ucaft190329a.pngNegotiations over the Lab School Demonstration Teacher MOU finally began today.  Please check out this update and check here for additional updates after each of our scheduled bargaining sessions: August 11, 15 and 17.

UCLA Lab School Demonstration Teachers are Ready to Bargain Safely and in Good Faith

As we begin our negotiations, our priority as Demonstration Teachers is to ensure that the UCLA Lab School commu

Unresolved: How to Bargain Equitably, Safely, and Transparently

UC-AFT and the University have agreed to full day bargaining dates on August 10, 11, 15 and 17 or 18.  Unfortunately, the University is insisting onucaft190329a_0.png risky in-person bargaining sessions and closed negotiations. COVID rates are still high and the beginning of the school year is weeks away. UC-AFT will not unnecessarily risk our members health and the beginning of the school year by meeting in person.  UC-AFT is committed to open, democratic and transparent bargaining processes.  We have negotiated all contracts in open sessions for the last four years.  Transparency in the process is a core value for UC-AFT and in the best interest of the Lab School community.  

Bargaining Dates Set...Important Details Remain Unresolved

UCLA Lab School has Bargaining Dates!

UC-AFT Response To UCLA Refusal to Bargain July 15, 2022

On June 21, Anthony Solana, Director of Labor Relations at UCLA, wrote to UC-AFT with an offer of bargaining dates in late July and August, if UC-AFT could establish aucaft190329a.png legal basis and obligation for the University to negotiate.  An offer of bargaining dates and negotiations that is couched in a refusal to bargain unless compelled to negotiate through legal argument, is nothing more than a refusal to negotiate. UC-AFT responded with the legal basis for a full scope of negotiations via the letter in this post.  We sincerely hope that UCLA will commence negotiations on a full side letter, in open (to the public) negotiations via Zoom on August 10.

The Cost of UCLA Lab School Administration’s Lack of Support and Communication – Loss of Qualified Teachers and Unfair Compensation

ucaft190329a.pngThe UCLA Lab School administration's lack of communication, respect and productive collaboration with teachers has caused significant damage to our learning community. Experienced educators are leaving our school and students will suffer from the loss of talented and dedicated teachers. The administration needs to meet with our union now to address these critical issues.

Lab School Faculty File Unfair Labor Practice for Bad Faith Bargaining

UC-AFT teaching faculty at the Lab School filed an unfair labor practice charge against the University on Friday, May 20 for a failure to bargain in good faith. The excerpt below is from the opening paragraph of the charge. The full charge is available here.

UCLA Lab School Faculty’s Ongoing Commitment to Anti-Bias and Anti-Racist Work

UCLA Lab School Faculty has an ongoing commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI). As a laboratory school, teaching and learning at our school are responsive and dynamic. Demonstration Teachers are in a continual process of reflecting and revising our thinking, practice, and curriculum. This work ensures that children feel safe and affirmed, are empowered with critical thinking skills, and have tools to take informed social action.