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Tentative Agreement Reached in Unit 18 Lecturer Bargaining


Bargaining Update, February 6th, 2016

We Have a Tentative Agreement!

Last night at approximately 7:00 P.M., The University Council of the American Federation of Teachers reached a tentative agreement on the final articles of the MOU between the University of California and the Non-Senate Faculty who are represented by UC-AFT. We have finished bargaining, except for your ratification vote.

The final Article signed was Article 21—Compensation. In it, we achieve a 3.2% salary increase, effective May 1st, and another 3% salary increase, effective July 1st. Therefore, everyone in the Unit will get a 6.2% salary increase within the next six months. In July 2017 and July 2018, we’ll get 2.5% increases.

Also in July 2017, many Lecturers who aren’t in the UCRP, and therefore aren’t receiving social security or credit for the defined benefit pension, will receive a special lump sum payment, equal to 5% of their base salary in this academic year (2015-16). To qualify, Lecturers cannot be in the UCRP this academic year, and they must have at least a 25% appointment. By this spring, they must have taught at least six quarters or four semesters. Finally, they need to be hired for at least one term in Academic Year 2016-17. This payment will repeat in July 2018 and July 2019.

We also finalized language that states Lecturers who are going to be teaching every term in an academic year should have annual appointments, and language that provides better processes for going through the excellence review, and some more protections for Lecturers during the excellence review. We have clearer language on posting job openings. We have side letter agreements with UC Office of the President and the Campuses of UCLA and UC San Diego that are meant to guide departments in those campuses towards best practices for appointing and re-appointing Lecturers.

Here are two quick references for changes in the contract:

New Contract--What's in it for Me flier

Article by article list of changes in the MOU

Schedule of campus ratification meetings (Time and location will be added very soon)

UC San Diego- Feb 9, 10am, Eleanor Roosevelt Room Price Center West
UC Irvine- Feb 9, 1-3pm Crescent Bay C Room Student Center (with Ben Harder)
UC Irvine- Feb 12, Noon-1pm, Crescent Bay C Room Student Center
UC Riverside- Feb 10, 11am - 1:30pm, Highlander Union Building (HUB)
UC Merced- Feb 11, 12:30-4pm drop-in any time, SSM 212 Tioga Pass Conference room
UC Santa Cruz- Feb 12, 2-4pm, Humanities 210
UC Los Angeles- Feb 17, 11am and 3pm, Ackerman 3517
UC Berkeley- Feb 18, 303 Doe Library, 5pm
UC Davis- Feb 19
UC Santa Barbara- Feb 18, 3:30pm, South Hall 1432
UC Santa Barbara- Feb 19, noon, South Hall 1432

Finally, the ratification vote will be conducted online during the last full week of February.  Please be on the look out for additional announcements about the vote.  And, remember, only union members can vote on the contract.  If you are not yet a member of the UC-AFT, please join our union today:

In solidarity,

Ben Harder
Chief Negotiator, UC-AFT
​Lecturer, UCR

Full Tentative Agreemtent

Article 1--Recognition TA
Article 2--Academic Freedom TA
Article 3--Academic Responsibility TA
Article 4--Non-Discrimination in Employment TA
Article 5--Description of Unit Titles TA
Article 6--Academic Year - Appointment
Article 7a--NSF Appointments TA
Article 7b--Process for Initial Continuing Appointments TA
Article 7c--Continuing Appointments TA
Article 8--Instructional Support TA
Article 9--Professional Concerns, Meetings and Programs
Article 11--Benefits TA
Article 12--Leaves TA
Article 14--Holidays TA
Article 18--Resignation TA
Article 20--Reasonable Accommodation TA
Article 21--Compensation TA
Article 22--Merit Review Process TA
Article 23--Summer Session TA
Article 24--Instructional Workload TA
Article 25--Union Rights TA
Article 26--Release Time for UC-AFT Business TA
Article 27--Payroll Deductions TA
Article 30--Discipline and Dismissal TA
Article 32--Grievance Procedure TA
Article 33--Arbitration TA
Article 34--Immigration Reform and Control Act TA
Article 35--No Strikes/ No Lockout TA
Article 36--Past Practice not Covered by Agreement TA
Article 37--Waiver TA
Article 40--Duration TA
Article 42--Online Instruction TA
New Article--Pre-Six Year Mentoring Meeting
Articles Not Opened--Current Contract Language TA
Appendix B--Enumeration of University Benefits TA
Appendix XX--Panel of AFT (IX) Arbitrators TA
Side Letter--2016 UCRP Tier
Side Letter--Health Sciences Exclusion
Side Letter--UCLA-Reappointment of Pre-Six Non-Senate Lecturers
Side Letter--UCSD-Reappointment of Pre-Six Non-Senate Lecturers
Side Letter--UCSC-Quarter Count
Side Letter--UCSB-Workload Writing and Foreign Languages
Side Letter--Outstanding RFI's and Grievances
Side Letter--Enrollment Form Agreement TA
Extension Agreement June 1 to October 31
Extension Agreement October 31 to December 10